Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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In an industry where competition freely bids for one’s talent resource with lures of unbelievable salaries and amazing designations, Maximont is still perceived as a preferred employer, who can meet people’s aspirations for growth and advancement.

Maximont has long realized that fighting the issue with salaries, perquisites or designations as tools, can be self-defeating.

The company ensures low employee attrition by facilitating ample learning opportunities, attention to employees’ personal needs and employee participation.

Maximont combines a learning environment, quick growth, diverse experience and flexible compensation, giving achievers more reasons to stay on longer.

The process begins by mapping out career plans for employees so that they know where they are headed.

Eliminating levels then accelerates the entire process of climbing through the ranks.

Benefits are designed such that their value increases in direct proportion to an employee’s term with the company.

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