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Company Overview

Maximont is a global team of forward-thinking partners that delivers immediate impact and growing advantage for its clients.

Our work is always intended to provide a clear benefit to the organizations we work with in both the short and long term. We focus our resources in driving excellence in all we do while enhancing our partner-like culture to ensure we are collaborative, authentic, and forward-thinking.

We have a distinctive culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries. Our consultants are down to earth, approachable, and have a passion for doing innovative client work. We always seek to deliver both immediate impact and growing advantage to our clients and our people.

Our business is structured on the platform of the global delivery model and complemented by strong local management. This enables faster solutions delivery and significant cost savings.

We offer services of Advisory, Consultancy, Corporate training, data management, data analysis ,Human resources, Recruitment , back office , remote processing, project management, corporate policies, organizational structure, performance and productivity management, sales, business development, Marketing, strategic management, financial management, Corporate presentations, remote processing project work etc.

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions and services to various industry
verticals including Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Government,
Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT, ITes, Analytics, Retail services etc.

In every business engagement, we seek the opportunity to build long-lasting, strategic
relationships. Our client-centric focus empowers our commitment to long-term client
success and enables us to provide value and flexibility beyond the contract.

We believe in delivering values beyond philosophy, beyond expectations and above horizon level.

We ended up calling our company “Maximont” , to reinforce the fact that a philosophy, an intellectual thought, a strategy is essential and useful if we deliver above the philosophy and cross the horizon level.

We advise entrepreneurs and Business houses on their overall business strategies, global expansion, team building, leadership etc. We are also invitee on selective basis in portfolio company board meetings

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