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The global health ecosystem is undergoing a tectonic shift: from youthful to aging populations, from stable to evolving regulatory landscapes, and from developed to developing markets.

We team with companies across biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, distributors and pharmacies, payers and providers to address their strategic and operational issues.

Our experts bring a forward-thinking, collaborative style that has proven to deliver immediate, meaningful solutions that last.

When it comes to applications for enterprises in the healthcare vertical, Maximont delivers a key advantage.

Our deliverables for the healthcare vertical are aimed at enhancing competitiveness through improved patient care and customer service, cost reduction and government policy compliance.

The company provides a range of services including HIPAA compliance, clinic automation, interfacing with medical devices & equipment and outsourcing services.

The repertoire also includes healthcare technology consulting, custom software development as well as maintenance and support services for physicians, hospitals, and managed care organizations.

Maximont presents extensive product support and implementation for many proven packages in arenas like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce, content and document management etc.

By outsourcing with Maximont, the healthcare solution provider is empowered to address the entire gamut of industry requirements, with solutions structured on appropriate technical and functional architecture, that support and adapt to continual change.

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