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Merger and Acquisition


Merger and Acquisition

In today’s “winner takes all” business environment, companies who fail to understand the true value of M&A face not only loss in business opportunities, but imminent risk of hostile takeovers and even extinction. From real and perceived benefits of synergies, to market power and influence, you will need to explore a comprehensive range of issues across corporate strategy, industry economics, finance, valuation and post-acquisition management.

In the last five years, India has witnessed over 4,000 M&A deals with disclosed deal value touching $130 billion. This includes cross-border deal-making, which has been rising consistently with Inbound and Outbound deals accounting for a fifth of the total deal activities.

In first 6 months of this year inbound M&A deals increased 54% in terms of value. Outbound deals are gearing up and expected to increase in second half of the year.

We have expertise in the following:-
•Key negotiating techniques used by buyers and sellers in an M&A transaction.
•Appreciation for the importance of financing structure on company value, as well as pricing shares.
•The technical legal and taxation issues related to M&A deal documentation.
•The sources of value creation in a restructuring event.
•The primary hurdles to restructuring in distress and methods/techniques to address these hurdles.
•Evaluating and pricing of acquisitions.
•Managing of post-acquisition integration and divestitures.
. Evaluating the economic, financial, and strategic impact of your deals
• Identify the key factors that determine the success of your M&A strategy
• Discover how due diligence should be carried out to minimize future implications
• Identify, execute and close deals, and integrate acquisitions successfully

The Challenge – 50% of M&A Fail

Numerous studies have shown that more than 50% of corporate mergers fail to create value, and that some mergers result in a significant loss of value. While the rate of mergers and acquisitions varies each year, corporate mergers and acquisitions continue to play a significant role in many companies’ value and growth strategies; but how can we not fall into the same traps in M&A?

We are equipped to handle Mergers and Acquisitions methodologies, corporate reorganizations and hence increase shareholder value. Emphasis will also be on assessment and financing of target companies. Sooth transactions for post-merger integration.

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