Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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Offsite Development

Offsite Development

At Maximont, we understand that different requirements exist with regard to specific business functions as well as cost and time frames for completion. Accordingly we adapt our services so that comprehensive offsite development programs can be offered to you.

Prior to beginning any work, the our team meets with the client team to work out the details of the engagement. The project scope, deliverable, reporting, functionality issues, timelines, etc. are all defined in detail.

If your business requires a solution, we can build it for you. Our technical team has worked on a number of industry domains and has provided solutions to customers worldwide.

We offer consulting, development and implementation services through its team of professionals.

We have gained expertise in both the vertical as well as the horizontal domains. Under its vertical domain the company offers quality solutions for Manufacturing, Multi Level Marketing,retail, banking, finance, brokerage, Jewellery, NGOs, Insurance, Healthcare, real estate etc. Horizontal domain includes a wide range of services such as Re-engineering, ERP implementation, Product migration and Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems.

Our Business Application Solutions empowers your company to improve the efficiency of operations and ultimately your company’s bottom line. In addition to powerful capabilities, the leading edge technology of the our Business Application Solution produces ease of use, flexibility and helps your company gain competitive advantage.

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