Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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Business Model

Business Model

Maximont focuses on delivering Knowledge Management and Information Management consulting solutions that connect people with the information they need.

We have extensive consulting experience and worked with various organizations to define and implement their Knowledge Management and Information Management strategies.

Our work touches some of the critical issues of today’s world – environmental sustainability, energy and transportation security, health care, effective government, international and domestic finance issues – by applying state-of-the art tools and methodologies.

Whether it is creating technology tools to help organizations understand their environmental footprint, or streamlining data silos into an efficient stream of accurate business intelligence, or analyzing government IT portfolios and architecture, Maximont’s mission is to help people and organizations perform at their best.

Software development is a dynamic process. Time to market is critical, quality should remain uncompromised and end-users have to be supported. We deliver the time and quality advantage unlike any other software services provider, helping organizations gain time advantage at competitive costs by leveraging resources and expertise from across the world, round the clock.

Customers often opt for a judicious combination of the three approaches. After a careful consideration of the specific set of services involved and the scale of the project, we in place a combination of onsite and offshore technical resources, aimed to act as a virtual extension of the customer’s team.


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