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Strategic Forecasting Budgeting

Strategic planning forecasting and budgeting are critical for effective corporate performance management. Yet, many organizations struggle to come to grips with the challenge of effectively coordinating and managing these vital organizational processes across the various functional areas of sales, operations and finance.

In today’s competitive environment, finance professionals and business managers must work closer together than ever before in order to drive the success of their organizations. It is, therefore, imperative that in order to foster collaborative teamwork between finance and the rest of the business, there is a shared understanding of the strategy and ultimate financial outcomes of the organization.

We facilitate the principles of rolling forecasts and budgets. Our expert will equip you with the best practice techniques for designing an integrated rolling forecasts and budgets process.

Key highlights of our inputs:-

• IDENTIFY and use business drivers in the rolling forecast

• ALIGN your rolling forecast to your strategic plan in order to effectively to meet your long-term goals

• MASTER the key steps for moving from traditional budgeting to rolling forecasts for achieving the financial goals of your organization

• LINK your organization’s financial reporting systems with your rolling budget and forecast process

-CREATE an environment that is continuously adapting to changing business conditions.

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