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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning

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Have you ever had vacancies in key roles you cannot fill? Even been caught off-guard with not enough labor, or too many people when demand has dropped? How about paying people who lack the skills for the job they are doing? All these scenarios are typical of poor workforce planning. All can be avoided.

This Strategic Workforce Planning Event focuses not on theory, but on practical, real-life, proven workforce planning strategies and practices. You will take away knowledge but also models and templates that you can begin applying in your business immediately. Tools that will help you diagnose likely future issues and deal with them before they actually become real issues is a key part of the learning.

The programme is designed to help you master the art of workforce planning so that your company’s biggest investment (or biggest expense if you get things wrong!) which is your workforce, is lean, productive and ready to add value.

You will…

DISCOVER how to diagnose future workforce needs
IDENTIFY the right skills and knowledge to equip your workforce ahead of time
LEARN ways to deal with unexpected vacancies and sudden labor over-supply
WALK away with many models and templates that will work for you and your business
KNOW how to win senior management support for workforce planning activities
GAIN information about how to maximize workforce flexibility for strategic skill deployment
SEE how job-design and career path management support workforce planning strategies
This Training is useful for Supervisors, managers, directors, project managers at all level in broad management roles in:

Human Resource Management
Recruitment and Selection
Learning and Development
Workforce Planning
Training and Development
Operational and Strategic HR
Career Development
Leadership and Management
Employee/Personnel Relations
Coaching and Mentoring
Plus Line Managers in ANY role (Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing…ANYTHING) who deal with people management

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