Saturday , 23 June 2018

We impact life

We impact life

We associate with NGOs and like minded citizen in facilitating positivity across the globe.

We are active in following initiative:-
-Conducting stress management classes for different age group.
-Measuring stress quotient indicator and suggesting remedial initiatives for transforming & impact.
-Counselling for acute and chronic person.
-Motivating for child education.
-Instigating people to follow minimalist approach towards life and spend effort on education.
-Free employment and recruitment advisory
-Interview preparation and couselling
-Coordinating with associations, groups, governments for skill development and employment opportunity.
-Health, medical check up for old aged group, weaker section of society etc.
-Employment alignment for unemployed, financially challenged members of our society by providing minimum skill for social upliftment.

Today, about one billion people worldwide are malnourished. The same number lack access to clean water, and over 10% of children receive no education. Yet the world will grow by at least two billion people over the next 30 years—the equivalent of more than 80 new Shanghais. Changes of this scale present us with immense new challenges and equally vast opportunities.

Maximont is redefining social impact globally, locally and individually. As you’ll see on our Social Impact website, we address the world’s most pressing social issues through our multifaceted, global program focused on driving broad, enduring change. Please do join hands with us to make our impact towards a better world to live.

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