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Work Culture

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Work Culture

Maximont Team has achievers obsessed with winning in the only arena that counts – the marketplace. Yet this is not a call to be reckless or drive oneself in a breathless rush to get things done. Nor is it permission to compromise on the company’s highly ethical business standards. It does, however, require approaching work with a mindset that means continuously improving, accepting risks and forgiving mistakes, but insisting on learning from every one of them.

Our values include:
• People-centric approach
• Value for lateral thinking; rewards for ingenuity
• Leadership facilitation and mentoring approach
• Focus on work-and-life balance
• Creating a learning organization
• Participatory management
• Performance-oriented policies
• Humane and supportive HR policies

The ‘air’ at Maximont can be described in just one word – ‘vitality’. There’s a certain fresh energy and burning passion about the team – highly motivated with a zest for life and learning that is reflected in all they do.

Minimal hierarchy, a fun-filled free atmosphere, role based training and consistent career moulding, set Maximont apart from several other Consultancy companies, making customer-focus, building of shareholder value and innovation, almost a game that we have begun to easily excel in.

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